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Last Updated: March 8, 2023

Peloton continuously strives to build, maintain and grow an inclusive community that provides a safe space for current and prospective Members to show up as their authentic selves. This Community Guidelines + Content Moderation Policy aims to offer transparency into how we assess content and behaviors that may be antithetical to our values.

We know certain situations may be nuanced and subjective. As we grow and learn from real world scenarios, this framework will evolve. Our intent, however, will always remain the same: continue to preserve the spirit of Peloton as a welcoming space for all.


This Community Guidelines and Content Moderation Policy (“Policy”) outlines what Content and behavior is acceptable within the Peloton community, and our process for enforcement when Content or behavior does not meet our standards.

This Policy applies to the entire Peloton community, including our Members, prospective Members, Peloton team members, service providers, and to content partners who may be featured on or in connection with the Peloton Service. It is an extension of the Terms of Service and any other agreement(s) governing your relationship with Peloton. Please note: our enforcement of this Policy may take into consideration behavior off the Peloton Service if we determine that such behavior has a significant impact on the Peloton community.

This Policy covers “Peloton Content”, which is Content that originates from or on behalf of Peloton. Peloton has robust Content development and review processes that aim to provide fitness and wellness content that is relevant and motivating to our Members. This Policy also covers “Community Content”, which is Content that originates from or on behalf of members of our community, on or off the Peloton Service (including User Content as defined in our Terms of Service). Peloton does not control Community Content other than through moderation of some Community Content posted on the Peloton Service.

Community & Content Moderation Guidelines

Our Content moderation decisions and community guidelines carefully consider the diverse nature of the entire Peloton community. We aim to reflect the varied interests and forms of expression within our community while preserving a safe, supportive, inclusive, and uplifting experience for everyone. This may mean that not all Content on the Peloton Service aligns with your preferences.

However, certain speech and conduct is not tolerated. See below for some illustrative examples and for more information about how we make moderation decisions on the Peloton Service.

Failure to follow this Policy may lead to a loss of privileges on the Peloton Service or at Peloton-sponsored events, termination of an employment, consulting, or business relationship with Peloton, removal of Content from the Peloton Service, and/or suspension or termination of a Member account.

  • 1. Hateful and Obscene Speech or Conduct

Hateful or obscene speech or conduct is strictly forbidden in the Peloton Community and will not be tolerated in leaderboard names, locations, profile pictures, Tags, expressions, or any other Content or communication on or off the Peloton Service.

Hateful speech or conduct includes images, phrases, or behaviors that promote, relate to, or condone lack of respect, discrimination, or violence of any kind against individuals or groups based on age, ethnicity/culture, race, nationality, immigration status, disability status, physical ability, gender or gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion, veteran status, body shape, socio-economic status, or political affiliation.

Obscene speech or conduct includes images, phrases, or behaviors that are vulgar, sexually explicit, or that incite or promote violence or sexual abuse or exploitation.

  • 2. Bullying and Harassment

Neither bullying nor any other form of harassment is tolerated in the Peloton community. Peloton considers behavior to be bullying or harassment if it intends to negatively interfere with another Member’s experience on the Peloton Service.

Peloton also does not tolerate abusive behavior towards Peloton personnel, such as insistent or rude interactions with Peloton Member Support, retail or delivery personnel, and/or other inappropriate communication from Members or prospective Members.

  • 3. Promotions, Solicitations, or Spam

The Peloton Service may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. The offer for sale of products, content, and/or services on the Peloton Service by anyone without Peloton’s explicit written authorization is strictly prohibited.

Other than with respect to sales or fundraisers posted directly by Peloton, Peloton does not sponsor or endorse any charitable or other fundraising efforts, and participation in any such efforts is at each Member's discretion and risk.

Referral Codes: You are not permitted to sell or share your Peloton referral code with anyone other than your friends and family. Please review the referral policy here.

  • 4. Infringing on Others’ Privacy

Sharing and accessing information within the Peloton community requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make for fruitful interactions, but may include personal information.

Your Privacy: When interacting with others in the Peloton Community, you should exercise caution and common sense to protect your privacy, just as you would when interacting with people you don’t know.

The Privacy of Others: We ask that you respect the privacy of others and recognize that individuals may have different comfort levels when interacting with others and/or sharing information about themselves. Do not share other Members’ private information outside of the Peloton Service. Please remember that in addition to adhering to this Policy, we expect you to comply with all applicable laws and guidelines.

As a Member, you have control over what you share within the Peloton Community, including on the Peloton Service (such as allowing other Members to follow your activity, the display of the run/walk route map on mobile devices, etc.). You can always choose the settings that suit your preferences by updating your privacy settings in your Profile Settings.

Your correspondence or dealings with any other person in or through the Peloton Service, and any decision to move your correspondence outside of the Peloton Service, is solely between you and such other person. Peloton is not responsible or liable for any injury, damage, harm, or other loss of any sort incurred as the result of such dealings.

  • 5. Intellectual Property & Publicity

The name Peloton and the “P” logo are registered trademarks of Peloton. Photos, videos and other images posted by Peloton on the Peloton Service are copyrighted assets of Peloton or its third-party licensors. These marks and assets cannot be used by anyone except for Peloton and its authorized licensees. Please review the Peloton Intellectual Property and DMCA Policy for more information.

It is also a violation of this policy to impersonate a Peloton instructor or other Peloton personnel, whether on or off the Peloton Service. Impersonating or exploiting the name, image, likeness, biographical information or any other identifying characteristics of any individual, group, or organization, whether associated with Peloton or not, in a manner that is likely to mislead or confuse members of the Peloton community about the true identity or origin of the speech or conduct is also a violation of this Policy.

  • 6. Other Potentially Offensive Content

The Peloton Service does contain explicit Content, such as song lyrics and instructor language, and other Content that some Members may find to be objectionable or even offensive. We empower Members to proactively control whether they see certain types of Peloton Content through their Preferences Settings on Connected Fitness Devices and in the App. Visit our Content Preferences Support Page to make filtering decisions that align on-demand class Content with your preferences.

We may determine that other types of Content are potentially dangerous or are so offensive that they undermine our mission. Examples of such Content could include speech, conduct, or behaviors that subversively promote or encourage illegal or fraudulent activity or the trafficking of illegal or regulated goods, or that disseminate misleading or false information in a manner that creates a direct risk to public health, safety, or civic processes. Healthy debates are allowed, but we ask that Members be courteous, kind, and respectful at all times when interacting with others in the Peloton Community.

Enforcement & Policy Updates

In pursuit of our goal to create a safe, supportive, inclusive, and uplifting place for everyone to find connection and wellness, Peloton relies on a diverse group of stakeholders to inform and evolve our content and community standards, including this Policy and how we enforce it. We value the input of our Members and appreciate the trust that you place in us to make decisions that uphold Peloton’s mission.

If Peloton determines that any Peloton Content violates this Policy, we may remove, modify, or choose not to program or promote such Peloton Content and/or may take other actions that we deem to be appropriate, with or without notice to the violating party, at our sole discretion.

If Peloton determines that an individual’s behavior violates this Policy, Peloton may provide notice to such individual and may take other available technical or legal measures to stop the behavior. For repeated or egregious violations, Peloton may limit a Member’s involvement with the Peloton Community, may remove Community Content, or may suspend or terminate access to the Peloton Service, with or without further notice. If your membership was terminated as a result of your violation of this Policy, your right to use the Peloton Service under any other Member name or profile is revoked.

This Policy changes from time to time, so please check in periodically for updates.

Contact Us

Report a Violation: If you believe any Content or behavior involving the Peloton community is in violation of this Policy and wish to report it to Peloton, you may voluntarily submit the violation using this form.

Appeal a Violation: If you believe that Peloton has made an error in determining that your behavior or Community Content violates this Policy, you may voluntarily submit an appeal using this form.

Please do not expect a personal response from Peloton after making a form submission. Peloton in its sole discretion will determine whether a violation has occurred and whether enforcement of this Policy is required.

Appeal a Referral Code Violation: If you believe that Peloton has made an error in determining that you violated our Referral Code Policies, you may contact our Support team at