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5 Features that Make the Peloton Row a Total Game Changer

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced rower, these tools will help you achieve your fitness goals.

By Amy Gurvitz Updated September 19, 2022


Looking for better results in one of the most efficient ways possible? Say hello to the Peloton Row. Targeting nearly every muscle group, our new rowing machine combines cardio and strength training to deliver an ultra efficient, low-impact, total-body workout. Loaded with revolutionary features that allow everyone from beginners to advanced rowers to learn and progress at their own pace, Row steps beyond traditional rowers. Here are five of its game-changing features:

1. Form Assist

Proper form is key in any workout, but especially so with rowing. With your most efficient form, you’ll maximize your output and hit 86 percent of your muscles in each stroke. If you’re new to rowing, it can take a little time to find your groove—and that’s where Form Assist comes in. Using sensors in the handlebars and seat that are personally calibrated to your body, Form Assist highlights areas of your stroke that need attention to help you continuously strengthen and improve your form in class.

During each stroke, you’ll receive an alert if your form is incorrect, followed by a tip showing you how to improve your form, in real-time. For instance, if your torso is too upright during the catch portion of your stroke, you may get a tip to lean slightly forward at the catch.

Crushing your form? We’ll let you know when you hit the mark, too. Form Assist can help you improve your stroke over time so you get the most out of every Row workout.

2. Form Rating and Insights

After every row class, you’ll receive a Form Rating that shows you how close you were to having an optimal (100% correct) stroke. Then you can explore your Form Insights dashboard to see your form improvement over time, understand your common form errors, and receive tips on how to improve specific elements of your stroke.

3. Personal Pace Targets

You can choose a Personal Pace Target before every class to help you follow how hard you should be working during intervals. There are four intensity levels your instructor might cue during class: easy, moderate, challenging, and max. Setting Personal Pace Targets will give you a target pace range for each intensity, based on your ability level, to keep you motivated and challenged wherever you are in your Peloton Row journey.

4. Hardware That Combines Form and Function

This eye-catching piece of equipment is outfitted with a 23-inch screen (with studio-quality sound) that swivels 45 degrees to the left and right so that you can have the best class experience on and off Peloton Row. Its seat and handlebars are optimized for comfort and efficiency and its electronically controlled resistance is nearly silent—making every stroke smooth and even. Plus, Row can be stowed vertically with an included Upright Wall Anchor so that it doesn’t take up much floor space when not in use.

5. On-Screen Metrics & Leaderboard

The Peloton Row tracks your pace, strokes per minute, total output, distance, and more. When wearing a compatible heart rate monitor, it will display your heart rate and Strive Score to help you see how hard you’re working. And since this is a Peloton machine, there is of course a Leaderboard to show you how your output stacks up against others’ in class, and a feed that allows you to track and send high fives. (High fives to that!)

Ready to give rowing a go? Order Peloton Row online!